Grindkhaos: Hi Devin
Devin: Hi

Grindkhaos: In your new songs, which you're making there's something about Strapping Young Lad?? We are awaiting the next album since CITY.
Devin: Yes, i have a new project in the works and it is Strapping i don't consider this next record a follow up to CITY or TERRIA it's simply another album It's a lot of different from CITY, a lot heavier.

Grindkhaos:Tell me about your 5 favourite songs ever the best for you.
Devin: I don't like to disclose my views about other musicians, but just for you :
1. Devin Townsend -truth (no joke, i love this song)
2. Faith No More -ashes to ashes
3. Soilwork -grand faliure anthem
4. Spock's beard - the great nothing
5. Judas priest - the sinner

Grindkhaos: and 5 singers all the time???
Devin: Mike Patton, Rob Halford, Matt Zane and Ihsahn.

Grindkhaos: Tell about the better live show you've seen
Devin: The best band i have ever seen is the WILDHEARTS, back a few of years ago no-one could touch them, they seem to have fallen apart now.

Grindkhaos: We want to hear rhe new recording of SYL
Devin: Well by god just wait until you hear the next album, it's going to be so much heavier than anything that has ever been done.

Grindkhaos: In the extreme industrialmetal scene you have no contest no FF, no CUBANATE, no GODFLESH no one what you think????
Devin: THANX!!! i never like to say i am better than anyone Fear Factory and GODFLESH are two of my favourite bands. But i dont like CUBANATE.

Grindkhaos: What do you think about grindcore bands cause in your first album "Heavy is aheavy really thing" i listen some influences of this generes, yes??
Devin: NAPALM DEATH were one of my biggest influences, but they are about the only grindcore band i listen to. With "heavy as a heavie..." i just copied NAPALM and FEAR FACTORY and created my own sound from there, i'm not proud of it.

Grindkhaos: Please recommend me some good bands for grindkhaos readers!!!
Devin: Well, if there is one band on this earth who can almost rival strapping it's SOILWORK. I recommend their last album "a predators portrait" they mix incredible heavy guitar and rythms with a mixture of harsh and melodic vocals to create an extreme and accesable sound.
Another band i have discovered lately is CONQUEST FOR NATIONS, they are from England i think are releasing their album debut soon it's called "FUTURESCOPE" i am friend with the singer/guitar/keyboard player ZANE, i met him back in june on a tour.
Finally i dont know how many of these you have heard of , but, recommend them all, they are all fantastic: PAIN OF SALVATION: "the perfect element"
ULTRASPANK : "progress"
STABBING WESTWARD: "darkest day".

Grindkhaos: this is the end, no more questions thank you devin and take care!!!.
Devin: thanx and take care.

Devin Townsend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!