Deicide - in Torment in hell
(Roadrunner records)

New deicide has hit the streets daylight, Already 1 year after their shortly released (insineratehymn) they continues in the same groovy crushing diabolical way, as we have heard them before, no doubt this could have been part 2 of insineratehymn, for some reason I miss the old demonic solos, The solos are dwelling in the background atmosphere (far behind the flushing tight riffs) I find old insineratehymn gloomier in some ways; this new album is tight death metal as only deicide can play it, But nothing new! It becomes a bit boring in the length. Glen still vows with a tormenting fury, but there is no variation and it creates a certain monotony…. but the power of gifted deicide, is not to be mistaken, its still there and its well preserved, what concerns the production then its real tight and solid.

Character 6*
Style - groovy brutal death metal