iNfOrMaCióN: SPaZZ
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Discografía de SPAZZ

Spazz- self titled 7” (Slap A Ham)
Spazz- "Blasted in Bangkok" cassette (given out at 2nd show)
Spazz/Floor- split 7" (Bovine)
Spazz/Rupture- split 7" (Sludge)
Spazz- "Dwarf Jester Rising" LP/CD (Selfless)
Spazz/C.F.D.L.- split 7" (Slap A Ham)
Spazz/Romantic Gorilla- split LP/CD (Sound Pollution)
Spazz/Brutal Truth- split 7" (Bovine/Rhetoric)
Spazz/Charles Bronson- split 7" (625)
Spazz/Toast- split 7" (H.G.Fact)
Spazz- "La Revancha" (Sound Pollution)
Spazz/Monster X- split 7" (Reservior)
Spazz- "Funky Ass Lil' Platter" plastic 1" noise e.p. (Slap A Ham)
Spazz/Hirax- split 7" (Theologian)
Spazz/Jimmy Walker- split 7" (Slap A Ham)
Spazz/Gob- split 5" (702 Records/Satan's Pimp)
Spazz- "Tastin' Spoon" 5" picture disc (Clean Plate)
Spazz/Subversion- split CD (Deported)
Spazz/Lack of Interest- split 7" & CD (Deep Six)
Spazz/ Black Army Jacket- split 7" (Dogprint)
Spazz- "Sweatin' To The Oldies" CD (Slap A Ham)
Spazz/Slobber- split 7" (?)
Spazz/Opstand- split 7" (Coalition)
Spazz/25 Ta Life- split 7" (Edison)
Spazz- "Crush Kill Destroy" LP/CD (Slap A Ham)

"Left Back, Let Down" 2x7"- five songs (Theologian)
"Pigs Suck" 2x7"- two songs (Clean Plate)
"Kamikaze Attacked America" CD- one song (MCR/Sound Pollution)
"Cry now, Cry Later Vol.1" 2x7"- one song (Theologian)
"Reality" 7"- one song (Deep Six)
"Better Read Than Dead" AK Press LP/CD- one song (Epitaph)
"El Guapo" LP- three songs (625)
"Cry Now, Cry Later Vol.4" 2x7"- one song (Theologian)
"Deadly Encounters" 7"- one song (Kill Music)
"Possessed To Skate" LP- six songs (Theologian)
"Fiesta Comes Alive" LP/CD- one song (Slap A Ham)
"Reality 2" LP/CD- one song (Deep Six)
"Gummo" soundtrack CD- one song (Innerstate)
"A Product Of Six Cents" 7"- one song (?)
"Bay Area Checking In With The World" CD- one song (Cold Front)
"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" 3x7"- one song (Insolito)
"Tomorrow Will Be Worse" 4x7"- four songs (Sound Pollution)
"Reproach" 7"- one song (Ugly Pop)
"Cry Now, Cry Later Vol.1&2" CD- one song (Theologian)
"Cry Now, Cry Later Vol.3&4" CD- one song (Theologian)


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